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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm a cosplayer, writer and photographer by hobby! If you want to know anything feel free to just ask! I'm open to questions and I love to get to meet new friends!



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


You know you Love me
::iconartthistle:: - Photographer 

::iconadorablejoker:: - Link

My wonderful friend and brother in all but blood Ethan was Shadow

In honor of Pride Month I thought this cute, almost cuddly piece of work deserved to be set. I look absolutely enthralled by Shadow and He just doesn't know what to do with me. Oh well, we're adorkable anyways
Hero of Time
I had an Amazing time at CCEE this year and I would like to thank a couple of people

First ::iconartthistle:: for the time they put in the shoot she did for us and the editing

and secondly to ::iconryua:: for lending me her props
Link and Dark Link
:iconartthistle: was a fantastic Photographer and I seriously owe them my soul

:iconadorablejoker: Link and also tunic design and creation 

:iconryua: Made Link's Props, I just borrowed them, thank you SO much

And then Shadow was a wonderful young man (Who is only a few days younger than me) Who I dragged into the Photoshoot and and our goofing around got us some great shots that will be coming soon!
My Card
"Should you need to reach me"

William T Spears will forever be one of my all time favorite Cosplays, he was one of my very first, right next to Joker, and he is one of the few that are classy, comfortable and risk free. I really love it, I feel good as William

:icondjmurasaki: - Photographer

:iconadorablejoker: - William T Spears
Chris was tagged by :iconryua:

1.) Post the rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other characters.
4) Post Their names along with their creators.

8 facts about Pupmon/Archangemon

1: Pupmon can shamefully proclaim that he has eaten at least three packs of cigarettes and gotten himself so sick that Chris quit cold chicken. He has eaten half a pack 3 years later after Chris picked the habit again from stress. Pupmon got so sick the second time around that Ken had to hide the smokes and only gave Chris a smoke when he was desperate. Once out, that was it.

2: Archangemon had the biggest crush on Angemon for the longest time. He also told the Angel and both of them agreed it would never work properly and they become the best of friends. Its very common to see the two of them wrestling, watching movies or just reading. 

3: Pupmon loves horror movies, he has collected all the Saw movies, all of the Paranormal movies and he forced Patamon to watch them with him. Chris has never seen any of these movies.

4: While under mind control, Archangemon's first attack was not Angemon, but TK. Archangemon threatened and attacked Angemon but none of his attacks became deadly until he was pinned. He told Angemon he would hit him point blank, his attack was stopped when Angemon told him that Archangemon himself had a chance of never coming back.

5: As innocent as he looks, Pupmon can keep up with the adult jokes, if not start them, just as well as any of the human adult men can.

6: Pupmon's mega form, Artemimon is smaller than Angemon in stature and height. He is almost eye level with Chris, who only stands 5'5. He also went flying to Angemon and went 'I have 6 wings!' he almost cried when Angemon informed him that his mega form had 12.

7: Pupmon had bitten every single one of the Digidestined for one reason or another. 

8: Pupmon is as much a stuffed toy as an actual plush toy. From Baby to Mega, he wants to be cuddled.


Yoda by MrWills Yoda :iconmrwills:MrWills 474 50


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Thank you for adding my stuff to your galleries, it's an honor to be here
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I was the Lolita Prince, You are friends with me on Facebook
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AdorableJoker Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Not yet I'm in the middle of a few issues of my own and haven't been writing much when I do get to it, I'll make sure to let you know
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