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I'm a cosplayer, writer and photographer by hobby! If you want to know anything feel free to just ask! I'm open to questions and I love to get to meet new friends!


Chris by AdorableJoker
Wow, been a while since I actually did Art umm.

This is Chris, he's my Digimon OC from the Canadian district. His Partner is Pupmon and his Human partner is Lia, done by :iconryua:

So this was a collaboration, I did the line work and Ryua did all the wonderful coloring and cleaning up. He looks awesome that you so much Ryua, expect more work from the two of us!

Color done by :iconryua:
Linework done by :iconadorablejoker:

Lia Ref >…
Chris was tagged by :iconryua:

1.) Post the rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other characters.
4) Post Their names along with their creators.

8 facts about Chris (Digimon)

1: Chris use to smoke, after about 2 years his partner told him that if he didn't quit, he would personally eat all of Chris' packs of smokes. Chris didn't believe him until he started seeing Pupmon actually chew up the packs, he quit on the spot so his Digimon would stop being such a dick

2: Chris has serious anger problems and a hair line trigger, anything could set him off and he will quite happily rip you in to shreds. Pupmon is the exact opposite and it takes a serious amount of effort to make the little guy mad, and although they both respect and love each other, they have been known to fight among themselves constantly. 

3: The first thing that Chris says to Archangemon when he evolves is 'What big beautiful eyes you have' this causes the angel to come back with 'Only to better see you with my dear' quoted from one of Chris' favorite childhood stories, red riding hood.

4: Chris' cross bow is not the only weapon he holds, he also has a short knife he hides in his boot in case someone ends up coming to close in range and the giant, deadly dog's teeth misses the target. Funny enough, he uses this knife on only one person, Jou Kido, when he is being brain washed.

5: Chris is completely and totally obedient to Ken and only disobeys when Ken puts himself in Danger. Chris earned the name 'Guard Dog' by most of the chosen children because of this and the only two who still have a problem with Chris even after he becomes part of the group of Yolie and Davis, for obvious reasons

6: Chris once walked around Ken's apartment in nothing because Ken wanted to see how far he could push Chris, apparently he could make Chris do just about anything.

7: The only other person who Chris has listened to with complete obedience was Jou, and only because Ken was unconscious and Jou needed someone to listen to him.

8: Chris has several stuffed toys that he keeps around the house. Ken finds this incredibly cute, more so when he catches Chris cuddling with one of them in front of the TV with Pupmon.

Because Chris from Digimon is just as fun as the Pokemon one. This was HARD because Chris is a BDSM boy with serious kinks and I don't know EVERYONE who follows me so....ehhh....had to keep those things behind closed doors, if any of you WANT the 18+ ones, I'll make that list too with warnings

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Not yet I'm in the middle of a few issues of my own and haven't been writing much when I do get to it, I'll make sure to let you know
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